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"Discover The Simple Yet Deadly Fighting System That Destroys Bigger, Meaner And
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Install razor-sharp reflexes, incredible power, and lightning speed directly into your muscles with the ultimate street fighting style...


In 'Wing Chun Plus', You Will Learn...

“How To Win A Street Fight - FAST!”

(106 minutes - 31 Lessons)
$69 Value
(Included with the Wing Chun Complete System)

In 20 GROUND-BREAKING LESSONS, you will discover...

  • How to properly counter the street's most dangerous right handed punch

  • 3 ways to instantly counter a boxer's straight jab

  • A lighting fast way to counter a forward push (the one thing most street punks like to do to intimidate those they want to fight).

  • Blast your way into your opponent's "vulnerable" zone - destroying all incoming blows and kicks as you go...

  • How to jam your opponent's arms so that he can't attack while he eats your fist

  • A gun-disarm using this unusual, yet simple move

  • A simple drill for training your tactile sensitivity

  • Use this often-misunderstood hand position to control his attacks - his arms, his neck and his entire body regardless of his size

  • How to generate incredible punching power with secret wing chun body mechanics

  • 3 techniques used to get out of a bear hug

  • A block that destroys your opponents balance and opens him up for a deadly strike

  • This single move is the perfect counter to an uppercut, kick and even body shots

  • Turn your hands and palms into blunt weapons of destruction

  • How to defend from ambushes

  • A sure-fire way to release a wrist grab, that even children can use against the meanest adult

  • How to unleash a barrage of lightning-fast punches to overwhelm even the most trained fighters

  • The secret to the wing chun "Chain Punch"

Also, in 11 ADDITIONAL LESSONS, you will receive detailed and in-depth training of Wing Chun's first form the Siu Lim Tao

  • This is the basic foundation of Wing Chun and it teaches you how to win fights as fast as possible

  • You will learn everything from the basic stance to hand positions and proper execution of every movement.

  • See the movements in front view and side view

  • Simplified explanations of all the moves

  • Faster speed and slower speed so you can see clearly how it all flows

  • Most people will spend 3-6 months in class to learn just this form, but you will learn it in a fraction of the time!

In 'Wing Chun Pro', You Will Learn...

“Closely-Guarded Hidden Wing Chun Techniques Revealed!”

(66 minutes - 27 lessons)
$69 Value
(Included with the Wing Chun Complete System)

In 15 EYE-OPENING LESSONS, you will discover...

  • How to counter the hardest punch from a drug-crazed, 200+ lb. body builder

  • How to quickly close the distance on your attacker

  • How to use shock and pain to end the fight

  • Control the effective zone, setting him off-balance by getting right in his face so fast he can't react

  • This one move can be used in all situations - for ambushes, defense AND attack

  • Use this dirty fighting move to stop any attacker in his tracks

  • This kick requires no flexibility or strength, but even a 108 lb. girl can break a big-man's legs

  • How to push an attacker off you in one move

  • Destroy his kicks with this move and he won't be kicking you (or anyone) for a long time

  • How to make it nearly impossible for him to hit you by slipping and striking at the same time

  • How to immediately trap an attacker's punch and lock his arm into a helpless position! Then, you will also be shown exactly what movement to use to end the attack.

Also, in 12 ADDITIONAL LESSONS, you will receive detailed and in-depth training of Wing Chun's second form the Chum Kiu

  • This is the crucial foundation of Wing Chun and it teaches you how to close-in on your opponent so that you are in the optimal operation range for wing chun - which is very close range. You will also learn how to create openings and counter-attack.

  • You will learn everything from the basic stance to hand positions and proper execution of every movement.

  • See the movements in front view and side view

  • Simplified explanations of all the moves

  • Faster speed and slower speed so you can see clearly how it all flows

  • Most people will spend 1-2 years in class to learn just this form, but you will learn it in a fraction of the time!


In 'Wing Chun Ultimate', You Will Learn...

“Dirty Fighting Secrets Your Wing Chun Sifu Will
Never Teach You...”

(80 minutes - 32 lessons)
$69 Value
(Included with the Wing Chun Complete System)

In 15 MASTERFUL LESSONS, you will discover...

  • The 3rd "hidden" wing chun form that was considered too dangerous in untrained hands and originally (still today to some degree) never taught to outsiders

  • A simple hand movement that will could send your attacker flying into the pavement

  • Punching you will be like punching a rock wall! Here's how to shatter his fists.

  • Discover the fastest and longest-range weapon you have in your arsenal

  • Why size and weight always matter in a street fight but how a smaller person can truly compensate for this disadvantage.

  • Learn how to make your skills second nature so that you react immediately to danger, without hesitation

  • A quick take-down performed by this simple leg movement that requires zero energy

  • \Turn your fingers and elbows into piercing weapons of destruction

  • The "hidden" strike that he will never see coming

  • The secret "inch-power" palm attack

  • Worst case scenario defensive measures

  • How to recover quickly from ambushes

  • How to stop an advancing attacker in a split-second

  • 3 ways to instantly blind your opponent

Also, in 17 ADDITIONAL LESSONS, you will learn the Biu Jee form (this is where you learn the most advanced fighting techniques, the stuff that the masters learn.

In normal training, it takes ages to reach this level. Usually not taught in traditional classes unless you have been in the class for many years (and paid a lot of money). This is the form that is used "when sh*t hits the fan". You can consider it "dirty" fighting by classical kung fu traditions.

  • You will learn everything from the basic stance to hand positions and proper execution of every movement.

  • See the movements in front view and side view

  • Simplified explanations of all the moves

  • Faster speed and slower speed so you can see clearly how it all flows

  • Most people NEVER learn this in class because the sifu will not teach it, but you will learn it quickly!


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  1. You can learn more from this video course than a year of classes (How do I know? I've been to 11 different wing chun schools in different countries, and in some of them, you will NEVER learn any of these techniques)

  2. You can learn fast! If you are already going to classes, this course will put you light-years ahead of your peers

  3. You can review and re-review the materials any time, even months or years from now

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  5. You can learn at your own pace - learn everything in 1 day or take as long as you want, it's up to you!

  6. You can learn according to your schedule - too busy to find time to go to classes? This is perfect for you!

  7. You get unlimited online support - ask questions and get help directly in our members only forum

  8. You will learn how to defend against real-world attacks that work against MMA fighters (not just other people who use wing chun)

  9. Lessons are simple and direct - there are no myths or secrets that other sifus like to withhold from you, just the best techniques you can start using immediately

  10. It's absolutely risk free! - Try out everything for 30 days,! 100% Money back guarantee! No questions asked if for some reason you thare not satisfied with your course.

  11. You get $722.00 in awesome bonuses! in accompaniment to the lessons.

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I bought your Wing Chun course and have been practicing the lessons and forms faithfully everyday. Even started my own wing chun club so that I could train with real people. I must say, you are a phenomenal instructor, and the lessons are awesome. I'm a former LEO, Bouncer and Kenpo instructor, and Wing Chun has completely changed my view of close personal combat. It's amazing how natural Wing Chun feels to me. Thank you for all of this. My next purchase will be your Chi Sao videos. -Ernest

“This is By Far The Best Course For Wing Chun”

This is by far the best course for wing chun, easy to follow every section explained making it easier to develop my skills looking forward to future courses from wing chun kid and at an affordable price :-) -Lazarus

“So Many Videos To Watch and To Get Trained!

I am learning some cool stuff ! This course rocks and is really cool. So many videos to watch and to get trained - Aron

“Good For All Levels!

Great Course! I highly recommend you to get all the courses. They go into details, nice videos, and good for all levels - Kole


Great course! Best wing chun course online - Amazing very insightful. I learn wing chun along side this. 5 stars! - Bobby

“The Videos Are Very Informative”

Informative martial arts course - I like the idea of having access to video lessons. The videos are very informative and Wing Chun has attractive techniques, the more you try it, the better you get! - Green

“Very Tight and Interesting Style

Great potential - Found this course to have some really great potential on many levels, both for practise and for knowledge. You never know everything and Wing Chun is a very tight and interesting style. Well worth a look. - Striar

“Videos Are Well Explained And The Instructions Are Clear.

Both me and girlfriend are big fans of martial arts but since there are no Wing Chun dojos in our area we decided to make good use of this course! Videos are well explained and the instructions are clear. Even if it's not a game, this course is quite addictive! - Collins

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SDC Reality Check

All-Out Hand to Hand Fighting - (Special PDF) $40
Originally used in training combatants for WW2. Martialists from all oer the world quickly hailed its superior figthing methods, and today it remains one of the most sought after - and most valuable - fighting manuals in the world.

The Truth About Self Defense Revealed!

Dirty Fighting WW2 Combat Manual - (Declassified PDF) $40
It is important for figthing men to know how to fight. The science of warfare has been developed to a fine point undreamed of even twenty years ago. However, in the making of more efficient killing tools, most men have forgotten to learn how to fight without any weapons. Learn to be better coordinated, physically and mentally.

Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Manual

- Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Manual (Declassified PDF) $40
Learn from the "best of the best" with the Special Forces handbook. In it you will the primary skill sets our elite soldiers use to survive when they are operating in the field.

Get Tough

Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier (Declassified PDF) $35
The object of this training is to develop the soldier in the art of unarmed self-defense, and
to improve his skill in the use of his basic weapons, through speeded reflexes. Confidence in his own ability unarmed, like confidence in his weapons, makes a man a better soldier.

Self Defense

Combat Judo Manual (Exclusive Book!) $35
An advanced type of hand-to-hand fighitng perfected for modern warfare and civilian defense. When your life is at stake you seek the most practical means of preserving it. The best know holds, throws and blows are contained in this book.

Self Defense

The Secrets Of Jiu Jitsu (Exclusive Book!) $40
The book mainly deals with Jijitsu and its principles, methods, defense techniques in a very systematic and step by step approach which can be understood by a novice also. Moreover, the book is jam packed with 248 photos which will further make your learning easy. This manual teaches you to unbalance your opponent. Conversely it trains you to retain your own balance and to bring 100 percent of your strength to bear in every effort you make. A man trained in jujitsu will instinctively act on this principle in everything he does whether engaged in a physical contest or a mental one.

Self Defense

How to Out-Think Your Opponent (Exclusive Book!) $35
A man not trained in these tactics will naturally use all his strength to keep you from taking his weapon. This will be your advantage, as the harder he holds his weapon, the easier it will be to make him helpless. Learn moves that can be used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Self Defense

The Secrets Of Unarmed Defence (Exclusive Book!) $30
A simple set of defense measures designed to be used in any emergency where one's person is in danger of physical assault. Fully explained both in pictures and words in the pages of this book, these holds and throws enable you to protect yourself from the tricks of jujitsu, judo, mugging, and all forms of physical attack.

Self Defense

US Army Combatives Manual (Declassified PDF) $40
The standard training manual for US army soldiers. Teaches close-range , mid-range and long range fighting tactics for hand-to-hand combat. Defense and offensive techniques, chokes, holds, take-downs. An essential manual for all around self defense.

Self Defense

Shanghai Municipal Police Defense Manual (Special PDF) $30
The Shanghai Municipal Police (SMP) was the beginning of ALL modern defensive tactics training. Everything from firearms to cuffing is in this hard to find manual. The SMP was where the Granddaddy of close combat William E. Fairbairn developed the first methods of training police to deal with the most violent and ruthless criminals of the day.


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